July 03, 2022

How To Scan on Brother Printer

How To Scan on Brother Printer

How To Scan on Brother Printer

Follow the steps below to scan a document from your Brother printer to your computer:

Step One:

If you're using a microsoft windows operating system computer, start it up and type in "Brother" in the Windows search bar. 

Select your printer by clicking on its "name" or "model number". To access the Control Center, go to the "Start" menu and choose "Control Center".

Step Two:

Select the "Scan and File" choices from the Configuration menu. The Scan To File Configuration window will now open up for you to make any necessary adjustments.

Select the - scan format, the destination folder, and other options such as resolution, brightness, contrast, etc. To tailor the scanning experience.

Step Three:

If you are using a mac operating system, please: open the System Preference window. 

Select your printer from the "Print & Scan" option. 

Open the "Utilities" tab and click on the "Control Center application".

Step Four:

Select the Scan To File option by navigating to the Software Button tab. 

Select the kind of scan and the target folder. Select Accept to proceed.

Step Five:

To begin scanning, place the document you want to copy into the Brother printer. Select the Scan To PC option by pressing the Scan button on the printer's control panel.

To begin scanning the document, choose File > Scan > Start Black or Start Color from the menu.

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