March 09, 2020

How to Install Printer Driver for Brother RJ-4230B

Brother RJ-4230B Mobile and Portable Printer Install

If you are using the Brother RJ-4230B Portable printer series, we will provide guide for installing the driver so the device can work properly. Brother RJ-4230B mobile printer is fast, very compact. It empowers working to operating in any environment with speed, accuracy and efficiency.

This device has superior features such as Smart Li-ion Battery (option) Industry leading battery life to last a full shift and indicator for health status.

Let's do the first job for driver installation

Printer Driver

Step I

Before Install
  • When connecting by USB, unplug the "USB cable" from the machine's before install the application and make sure that the machine is not connect to the computer.
  • In order to install the application, you must be loggin on as a user with Administrator privileges.
  • Quit all other applications before start the installation.
Support Operating System 
Microsoft Windows (32 and 64-bit).
Step II

Download and install procedure
  • Please, click the [Download] button to begining download.
  • After download is finishing, please double-click the file to expand it.
  • After the installer starting, completed the installation according to the instructions that appear on the screen.
  1. During installation, the User Account Control dialog box may appear.
  2. At that time, please - click the [OK] or [Continue] button.
  3. (When loggin on as a user other than one with Administrator privileges, type in the administrator password, and then click the [OK] button to continue the procedure).
During installation of the driver, the "Windows Security" dialog box may appear. At that time, please click the [Install] button to continue the procedure.

Install Printer Driver Uninstaller

Support Operating System 
Microsoft Windows (32 and 64-bit).
  1. Create a new folder on your C:\ disk drive and name it "PTSWEEP".
  2. Please, double-click the downloaded files, click [Browse] to select the folder you created (C:\PTSWEEP), and click [OK], and then click [Unzip].
  3. When finishing, and now click [OK].
  4. Please, open the folder you created and now "double-click [ptsweep.exe]". Follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. After restarting your computer, re-install the printer driver.
  6. (For USB cable users: before restarting your computer, disconnect the USB cable.)
  • If using the Brother P-touch, Label Printer, StampCreator, and Mobile Printer series, after using the tool re-install the drivers for the series that you use.
  • If your machine's icon still remains in the Devices and Printers after running the tool, right-click the icon and delete it.

Software/Document Installer Install

  1. Once download, please "double click" on the download files.
  2. Installation starting. Please follow the installation screen directions.
When you use the installer in future, double-click 'commoninstaller.exe' in the "Brother Common Installer" folder created on your desktop.

When you connect the printer to your PC via USB, the message "Device driver software was not successfully installed" may appear.

Even if this message appears, you can still install your printer. Please proceed with the installation.

CUPS wrapper/LPR Debian Printer Driver Install

Download the driver (Download).
Login as a superuser ( or use "sudo" option if required ).
Install drivers
  1. Turn on the printer and connect the USB cable.
  2. Please, click the close button if the installation wizard comes up.
Open the terminal and go to the directory where the driver is.

Install driver.
Command :   dpkg -i --force-all (drivername).

Check if the driver is Installed.
Command :  dpkg -l | grep Brother