September 02, 2019

iPrint&Scan Push Scan Tool Install for Mac

iPrint&Scan Push Scan Tool 

iPrint&Scan Push Scan Tool Install for Mac
Brother iPrint&Scan is a free applications that lets you easy scan document, photo, etc to and print from your Mac OS. New options features are continuously implemented.


Scan: Images processing
Advanced image processing features including auto deskew and colour drop out are available.

OCR: Optical character recognition (OCR) is available, this lets you creating a searchable for "PDF" files.

Print: Print your photos from the simple UI.

For installation of Brother iPrint & Scan follow the guide below:
  • Please extract the "xxxxxxxx.dmg" files manually with "Disk Utility". "Disk Utility" can be found in /Applications/Utilities. "dmg" is called "disk image file". This needs "Disk Utility". By using "Disk Utility", the Installer Disk Image can be mounted.
  • Please, Double click the install package icon "xxxxxxxx.pkg".
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
The Installer will ask you to select a destination volume. 
Please select the same volume on which the Macintosh OS is installed.

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