September 15, 2019

How to Install Scan-key-tool Debian Package for Brother Printer

Scan-key-tool Debian Package

Scan-key-tool Debian Package 32/64-bit Operating System. With this tools, you can starting a scanning file document by the button on the machine's.

How to Install Scan-key-tool Debian Package for Brother Printer

This tool supports 32/64-bit Debian Linux OS and if you want to install these drivers, please follow the instructions below:

  • Before Installation  Only installation via the command line interface (terminal) is support.
  • Only "English versions" of drivers are available.
  • The information on the web does not guarantee the operations of Brother Linux drivers in all users operating environments.
  • Connecting more than one's machines with the same model number is not support.
Support Model
  • Brother Printer DCP-1616NW.
OS Compatibility
  • Debian Linux 32/64-bit.
Let's do it

Step I
Download LPR driver.

Step II
Login as a superuser (or using "sudo" options if required).

Next ⇒
  • Check if pre-required procedures are completed.
  • GIMP is required for "scan-to-images".
  • brscanX should be installing work first.
Step III
Install drivers (32/64-bit Supported).
Read the guide
  • Open the terminal and go to the directory where the drivers is.
  • Please, Install the scan-key-tool.
Command :  dpkg -i  --force-all  (scan-key-tool filename)
Please, Check if the scanner drivers is install.
Command  :  dpkg -l  |  grep  Brother
Step IV
Run "scan-key-tool" and try the test scanning.

Do it this way 

Run "scan-key-tool" (The program's will run as a background process.)
Command : brscan-skey
Check if the "scan-key-tool" detected your scanner devices.
Command :  brscan-skey -l
Press the scan button, and ⇒ select user, ⇒ select destination, Please press "START".

Do it right, drivers can work well.

Have a nice day (*