July 06, 2019

How to find a Brother machine on my network

How to find a Brother machine on my network for the BRAdmin Professional software

How to find a Brother machine on my network
Follow the steps below:

  • Verify that the "LAN cable" and the powers cord of the Brother machines is are connecting. If the power cord is connecting to a surge the protector and power switch, removing the cord from the devices and connects it directly to the outlet.
  • Verify that the "Brother machines" and your PC are connecting by a "Peer-to-Peer" environment. There is no central for the server a controlling files access and  printer share.
  • Verify that for the Link light of the router and the hub is select "ON".
  • Verify that both for "IP address" of your PC/Computer and the Brother machines are correct and look the located in the same segmentation.
  • Check the "Firewall setting" on your PC/computer.

If a Firewall is activity on your computer, it may be rejected the options necessary for the network connections needed for the "BRAdmin Professional Software" to operate properly. Please "Disable" for the Firewall on your computer and try search for the "Brother machines" on the network again.
Change while setting up your firewall and security settings to allow network connections to always be connected.
How to find a Brother machine on my network
Firewall software / your computer security is always possible to prevent network connections from being made. If you receive a notification regarding a firewall, we recommend temporarily changing the security settings on your computer to continue making connections.

  • Before disabling it for a firewall, make sure the changes you want to make are appropriate for your network type.
  • Do not deactivate the firewall before it is finished, When finished, make sure to turn on the firewall again.
Next, re-search for the "Brother machine" on the network options.

If you see a Brother machine, the Firewall on your computer rejects the necessary network connection. In this case, you must disable Firewall on your computer every time you search for a Brother machine on the network.
If the feature works properly after you deactivate "Firewall", this means the Firewall on your computer refuses to need the network connection. We recommend that you deactivate "Firewal" on your computer whenever you need to select the feature or continue to leave "Firewall" to always be activated and adjust the "Firewall" settings.
If "Firewall" blocks your network communication, you should add the following "Internal and External port" code to your firewall:

  • UDP: 161

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