April 08, 2019

Firmware update Tools for Brother MFC-9340CDW

Firmware Update Tools for Brother MFC-9340CDW
Brother MFC-9340CDW Firmware is a software that is embedded in the hardware section. Maybe we think the firmware is just as a software for hardware. 

However, the firmware does not become part of a term that can be exchanged for a software.

The Firmware Tool, added during creation, is also used to run the program for users on a device and this can also be considered as a software that can allow hardware to run and operate. 

Hardware creation using embedded firmware to control a function in various hardware devices and systems on the Brother MFC-9340CDW printer, such as parts of the operating system on a computer that can control an application functionality in the software.

What is the difference between firmware and drivers?

While both have the role of allowing hardware's to do what is working of it.

This tool updates your Brother machines for the firmware via the internet networking, by sending the firmware to your machines from the Brother internet server using.

Firmware Update Tool 
File Name: BrMain4811.exe - Download
Ver.ZA/1.10/Q (latest version)
Sizes: 3.97 MB

Support OS
Windows 10 /10 x64bit.
Windows 8.1 /8.1 x64bit.
Windows 8/8 x64bit.
Windows 7/7 x64bit.

Mac Firmware Update
File Name: BrMain402.dmg - Download
Ver.ZA/1.10/Q (latest version)
Sizes: 5.30 MB

Support OS
Mac 10.15.
Mac OS 10.14.
Mac OS 10.13.
Mac OS 10.12. 
OS X 10.11.
OS X 10.10.

Difference is that firmware is storing on the hardware device itself while drivers are installing inside the operating system. 

Also, firmware can start on its own and do what it is programmed to do while drivers must be run by the operating system such as - Microsoft Windows, Mac or Linux using. 

The biggest difference between the two is that the firmware tells the devices what they should do, while the driver tell the operating system how to communicate with the same devices.