March 09, 2018

Brother Fax-2940 Drivers for Windows and Mac

Brother Fax-2940 High Speed Laser Fax Machine

Brother Drivers

Brother Fax-2940 Drivers for Windows and Mac
Brother Fax-2940 High Speed Laser Fax Machine, Brother Driver Fax need to be updated regularly in order to keep devices running well and give your busy life the best performance. 

Brother Fax-2940 drivers package and this is particularly true if you have upgraded to a new operating system such as Windows 10, Mac 10.14 Mojave or Linux Debian.

The package provides the installation file Brother Fax-2940 FAX Drivers latest version.

Driver updates will fix any Driver issues with your Brother devices and improve the performance of your PC. You can manually update Brother drivers or use a driver update tool to automatically download and update any missing or out-of-date Drivers.

You need to update your Brother Fax Drivers regularly, particularly if you have just upgraded to Windows 10 and another Operating System. Brother FAX Driver updates are necessary to fix issues with all devices (including Printer, Scanners, Copiers - Faxs Machines) and this always improve the performance of your PC. You have the option to manually or automatically update your Drivers. Both are discussed below.

Update Brother Fax Drivers

Driver and Software Package - Download
File Name: FAX-2940-inst-A2-All.EXE
Ver.A2 (latest version)
Sizes: 101.54 MB

Support OS
Windows 10/10 x64bit.
Windows 8.1 /8.1 x64bit.
Windows 8/8 x64bit.
Windows 7/7 x64bit.
Windows Vista/Vista x64.
Windows XP/XP x64-bit.
Printer and Scanner Driver - Download
File Name:Y10E_C1-hostm-64-C1.EXE
Ver.C1 (latest version)
Sizes: 14.25 MB

Support OS
Windows 10 x64bit.
Windows 8.1 x64bit.
Windows 8 x64bit.
Windows 7 x64bit.
Windows Vista x64.
Windows XP x64-bit.
Printer & Scanner Driver - Download
File Name: Y10E_C1-hostm-32-C1.EXE
Ver.C1 (latest version)
Sizes: 14.09 MB

Support OS
Windows 10 (32-bit).
Windows 8.1 (32-bit).
Windows 8 (32-bit).
Windows 7 (32-bit).
Windows Vista (32-bit).
Windows XP (32-bit).


Printer Driver - Download
File Name: Brother_PrinterDrivers_MonochromeLaser_1_5_0.dmg
Ver.1.5.0 (latest version)
Sizes: 38.65 MB

Support OS
Mac 10.15.

Scanner Driver - Download
File Name: Brother_ScannerDrivers_ICA_1_5_0.dmg
Ver.2.11.0 (latest version)
Sizes: 2.28 MB
ICA Driver: Support

Support OS
Mac 10.15.
Driver Printer - Download
File Name: Brother_PrinterDrivers_MonochromeLaser_1_3_0.dmg
Ver.4.5.1 (latest version)
Sizes: 38.58 MB

Support OS
Mac 10.14.
Scanner Driver - Download
File Name: Brother_ScannerDrivers_ICA_1_3_4.dmg
Ver.2.9.4 (latest version)
Sizes: 2.32 MB
ICA Driver: Support

Support OS
Mac 10.14.

Driver Printer - Download
File Name: Brother_PrinterDrivers_MonochromeLaser_1_2_0.dmg
Ver.4.5.1 (latest version)
Sizes: 35.18 MB

Support OS
Mac 10.13 High Sierra.
Mac 10.12 Sierra.
Scanner Driver - Download
File Name: Brother_ScannerDrivers_ICA_1_2_3.dmg
Ver.2.9.2 (latest version)
Sizes: 1.85 MB
ICA Driver: Support

Support OS
Mac 10.13.


Driver Print - Download
File Name: linux-brprinter-installer-2.2.2-1.gz
Ver.2.2.2-1 (latest version)
Sizes: 0.02 MB | The tool will install LPR, CUPSwrapper driver and scanner.

Support OS
Debian Linux OS.
Linux RPM.
If the driver has been installed on your system, updating (overwriting-installing) can fix various problems, add new functions to the machine printer for Brother Fax-2940 Printer, or just upgrade to the latest available version.

If you have decided that this driver package is what you need, all you need to do is click the download button and install the package on the working printer. 

If not, check back with our website so that you don't miss the releases needed on your system.