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How To Installing LPR Drivers for Linux Debian 64-bit

Brother All in One Inkjet Printer

Brother Printer Setup
Download LPR driver at link

Login for the user or you can use the sudo option if this is required.

Check properly whether the required procedures have been completed previously For Debian or 64-bit Ubuntu.

Driver Settings
  • Turn on the printer machine and connect the USB cable to the network or parallel.
  • Go to the directory where the driver is stored.
  • Install the LPR driver for Linux OS. This installation process may take a while. Please wait for it to finish.
  • The command to: dpkg -i --force-all [lpr-drivername]
  • Check carefully whether the LPR driver is installed correctly.
  • Orders: dpkg -l / grep brother.
Confirm for the file that matches your printer connection.
Check the configuration file name on the PC for your distribution.


openSUSE - Ubuntu - Debian: / etc / printcap
Redhat - fedora - Mandriva: /etc/printcap.local

Edit files on the computer according to your printer connection.
For USB connection | Default
Check if the parameter ": lp" is ": lp = / dev / usb / lp0"

For Network Connection
replace: ".lp" line 2 for the following line
: rm = for ip address of your printer \
: rp = lp \

For Parallel Connection
replace: ".lp" to the following line
: lp = / dev / lp0 \

Restart Your Computer
The command - for lpr: /etc/init.d/lpr restart
The command - for lprng: /etc/init.d/lprng restart

You successfully installed the driver
Perform a print test of the document

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